Optimizing Scan Results

In order to get the most complete coverage possible, you should ensure that follow the instructions below when creating a LogFile for scanning.

  • Do not Filter/Grep or Edit the Log File
  • Ensure that you remove the zwcfg_*.xml file before running your application.
  • Only stop your application after you have received a AllNodesQueried Notification. (if you stop before then, you will have incomplete results)
  • If you are trying to fix a issue, try to reproduce the issue as soon as you receive the AllNodesQueried notification.
  • If you are going to log a issue or bug, ensure that you mark your scan results as public, and include the link to the results in the bug report.

Specific MessageID Results

MessageID 10000

The logfile was created when the zwcfg*.xml file was present. A lot of information will not be present, and we might not be able to fully diagnose your issue with the zwcfg*.xml file present as a lot of the QueryStages will be skipped.