Another Aeotec (Aeon Labs) Donation!

Arriving home tonight, I found another package on my desk - The Aeotec (Aeon Labs) Smart Switch6, MultiSensor 6 and LED Bulb!

Both the Smart Switch and MultiSensor worked without any configuration on OZW out of the box (but I just committed a config update for them anyway) and the LED Bulb is semi working on a New-CC Branch (I’m working on the Color CC at the moment, so far I’ve only been able to test with the Fibaro RGBW, which unfortunately has a broken firmware version).

Once again, these guys rock! Many thanks to them for supporting OZW by sending me their products to test with. As I mentioned before, if you are looking at purchasing some Z-Wave gear, do check them out, they have excellent QA on their firmware (hardly any issues unlike other vendors) and they have excellent technical support as well!