Aeon Labs Donation

Aeon Labs were gracious enough to send me some of their devices so we can support their products better. As many of you have found out, the new Gen5 stuff doesn’t play that well with Recent OZW versions due to the Security CC we recently implemented. I’ve been working on fixing that, but now actually having access to Gen5 devices will mean I can do a lot more testing etc. You should start seeing the improvements over the next few weeks.

Read on below for a list of what I recieved

A list of what was sent: * Minimote * Micro Smart Switch 2nd Edition * Micro Smart Dimmer 2nd Edition * Door/Window Sensor 2nd Edition * Range Extender * Water Sensor * Panic Button * Smart Switch Gen5 * Heavy Duty Smart Switch Gen5 * Key Fob Gen5 * Recessed Door Sensor Gen 5 * Z-Stick Gen5 * Siren Gen5 * MultiSensor Gen5

Obviously a lot of new gear to test and validate, so it will take me a while to move through it. Initially I’ll focus on the Gen5 gear as there are a lot of issues/requests around them, and then get back to the older products they have.

So what does this mean for you - Obviously, these Aeon Labs products are going to recieve much more testing and support from OZW. As long as there are no issues like unimplemented CC’s in the Gen5 gear, we should be able to make sure they are fully compatible. So if you searching for some devices for your Home Automation projects, obviously Aeon Labs are going to be a good choice. Try to give them some more business as a reward for supporting us in OZW development!



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didros 7 years ago
Nice. I'm struggling with the multisensor Gen5 (on a raspberry pi, with Jeedom). I can help testing if needed.