Sigma Designs Releases Z-Wave Interoperability Layer Into the Public Domain

Great News for OpenZWave - Sigma have released a lot of the protocol Specs into the public domain. They have pretty much opened up the protocol now to allow anybody to write software that talks to Z-Wave Devices…. Obviously this is great news for OpenZWave as well, as we no longer have to reverse engineer the protocol to make new devices work!

Before Sigma announced this, I did have Sigma reach out to me for feedback on their plans, and they asked me for a quote for the press release as well. I think its great that they embraced us and sought out our advise. I’m looking forward to working more closely with them in the future. :)

(the actual press release is below)

More Aeotec Donations

Hi All, Aeotec continue to surprise me with mystery DHL deliveries at my home.

Another Aeotec (Aeon Labs) Donation!

Arriving home tonight, I found another package on my desk - The Aeotec (Aeon Labs) Smart Switch6, MultiSensor 6 and LED Bulb!

Both the Smart Switch and MultiSensor worked without any configuration on OZW out of the box (but I just committed a config update for them anyway) and the LED Bulb is semi working on a New-CC Branch (I’m working on the Color CC at the moment, so far I’ve only been able to test with the Fibaro RGBW, which unfortunately has a broken firmware version).

Once again, these guys rock! Many thanks to them for supporting OZW by sending me their products to test with. As I mentioned before, if you are looking at purchasing some Z-Wave gear, do check them out, they have excellent QA on their firmware (hardly any issues unlike other vendors) and they have excellent technical support as well!

Moving to Github

For those following the Mailing list, you would have seen the discussion about moving to Github. This is mainly due to the fact that google code will be shutting down.

Read on for some of the changes/challenges

Aeon Labs Donation

Aeon Labs were gracious enough to send me some of their devices so we can support their products better. As many of you have found out, the new Gen5 stuff doesn’t play that well with Recent OZW versions due to the Security CC we recently implemented. I’ve been working on fixing that, but now actually having access to Gen5 devices will mean I can do a lot more testing etc. You should start seeing the improvements over the next few weeks.

Read on below for a list of what I recieved