OpenZWave Library  1.6.734
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OpenZWave::CompatOptionManager Class Reference

#include <CompatOptionManager.h>

Public Member Functions

 CompatOptionManager (CompatOptionType type, CommandClass *cc)
virtual ~CompatOptionManager ()
void SetNodeAndCC (uint8_t node, uint8_t cc)
void EnableFlag (CompatOptionFlags flag, uint32_t defaultval)
void ReadXML (TiXmlElement const *_ccElement)
void WriteXML (TiXmlElement *_ccElement)
bool GetFlagBool (CompatOptionFlags flag) const
uint8_t GetFlagByte (CompatOptionFlags flag) const
uint16_t GetFlagShort (CompatOptionFlags flag) const
uint32_t GetFlagInt (CompatOptionFlags flag) const
bool SetFlagBool (CompatOptionFlags flag, bool value)
bool SetFlagByte (CompatOptionFlags flag, uint8_t value)
bool SetFlagShort (CompatOptionFlags flag, uint16_t value)
bool SetFlagInt (CompatOptionFlags flag, uint32_t value)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CompatOptionManager()

OpenZWave::CompatOptionManager::CompatOptionManager ( CompatOptionType  type,
CommandClass cc 

◆ ~CompatOptionManager()

OpenZWave::CompatOptionManager::~CompatOptionManager ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ EnableFlag()

void OpenZWave::CompatOptionManager::EnableFlag ( CompatOptionFlags  flag,
uint32_t  defaultval 

◆ GetFlagBool()

bool OpenZWave::CompatOptionManager::GetFlagBool ( CompatOptionFlags  flag) const

◆ GetFlagByte()

uint8_t OpenZWave::CompatOptionManager::GetFlagByte ( CompatOptionFlags  flag) const

◆ GetFlagInt()

uint32_t OpenZWave::CompatOptionManager::GetFlagInt ( CompatOptionFlags  flag) const

◆ GetFlagShort()

uint16_t OpenZWave::CompatOptionManager::GetFlagShort ( CompatOptionFlags  flag) const

◆ ReadXML()

void OpenZWave::CompatOptionManager::ReadXML ( TiXmlElement const *  _ccElement)

◆ SetFlagBool()

bool OpenZWave::CompatOptionManager::SetFlagBool ( CompatOptionFlags  flag,
bool  value 

◆ SetFlagByte()

bool OpenZWave::CompatOptionManager::SetFlagByte ( CompatOptionFlags  flag,
uint8_t  value 

◆ SetFlagInt()

bool OpenZWave::CompatOptionManager::SetFlagInt ( CompatOptionFlags  flag,
uint32_t  value 

◆ SetFlagShort()

bool OpenZWave::CompatOptionManager::SetFlagShort ( CompatOptionFlags  flag,
uint16_t  value 

◆ SetNodeAndCC()

void OpenZWave::CompatOptionManager::SetNodeAndCC ( uint8_t  node,
uint8_t  cc 

◆ WriteXML()

void OpenZWave::CompatOptionManager::WriteXML ( TiXmlElement *  _ccElement)

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